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Vikings 89th in ESPN's Ultimate Standings

I always enjoy ESPN's Ultimate Standings because we don't often see direct comparisons among the 122 professional sports franchises in the four major leagues.  If you haven't read the Ultimate Standings before, they simply rank all 122 teams based on ownership, coaching, players, stadium experience, etc.  Here's the homepage of the rankings and here's the page for the Vikings.

Of the 122 professional sports teams, the Vikings came in 89th this year -- up from 110th last year.  "Bang for the buck" and "players" were the categories they scored strongly in, but "coaching," "fan relations" and "stadium experience" all brought the overall ranking down. 

Can't argue with the lousy "stadium experience" ranking (117th -- I'm actually surprised ESPN thinks there are five stadium experiences worse than the Metrodome, expect perhaps the Metrodome for baseball).  The horrible ranking for Brad Childress' staff (111th) seems to be based on fan voting, so while it's clearly unreasonable to say there are only 11 coaches in professional sports worse than Chilly, it's pretty easy to see why he ended up as low as he did.  "Fan relations" is considered "ease of access to players, coaches and management" -- they placed 97th in this category, but I do think they've been making an effort to improve in this regard.  The "State of the Vikings" roundtable we covered a couple weeks ago with Chilly, Spielman, Wilf and Greenway immediately comes to mind.

I had no idea the Dome's $3 hot dogs are tied for the cheapest in the NFL.  Still, according to the article, the stadium was criticized by fans for "uncomfortable seats and lack of on-site parking."  I'd add narrow concourses, horrible sound, and an overall dreary atmosphere to that list of complaints.