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Plenty of Seats Still Available?

Florio wrote earlier today that he could still find plenty of seats available for each Vikings home game, and after doing my own search on Ticketmaster at about 12:00p CT, I found the same.  While single same tickets aren't available for the home games against the Bears and Packers, I was able to find, at minimum, upper level tickets for each of the six remaining games (and for the dates against the Lions and Bengals, I found some available lower level seats).

Since I did the search about three hours after tickets went on sale, it's clear that there wasn't exactly a surge of ticket sales today -- despite the continuing buzz that Brett Favre has been generating.

I'd imagine that's disappointing for the team, given the fact that tickets would have vanished in a matter of hours had the Favre acquisition been made official prior to today.  Some folks obviously snapped up their tickets today, knowing that seats would be hard to come by if/when Favre officially joins the team -- but if you want tickets and don't want to go through a scalper or ticket reseller to get them, buying them through Ticketmaster is still an option.

The guys at Winter Park shouldn't be too bummed out, though.  They're still slated for a big day at the box office within roughly the next week or two, assuming things continue going well in Hattiesburg.

For now, Vikings fans have clearly learned their lesson about Favre -- the only time they can be truly sure Brett's joining the team is when he's holding a purple jersey at a podium in Winter Park.  After several hours of tickets being available, it seems like that's the only scene that will generate the demand for tickets the Vikings were hoping to see.