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The Calm Before the Storm

Slow weekend for news thus far, aside from John Elway telling Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times that Brett Favre will question his decision "for the rest of his life" if he remains in retirement.  Percy Harvin is also set to travel to the Twin Cities on Monday to hopefully get a contract worked out in time for training camp.

Otherwise, this could be the last "slow" day that we'll have for a very long time.  It's been noted in the comments that Favre rumors usually start on Sunday or Monday, a twist to the story occurs later in the week, and things quiet down once again by the weekend.  That's basically how things have unfolded to this point, so I'm expecting some big rumors to emerge on either Sunday or Monday, leading into Favre's decision by the middle of the week.

And then, of course, there are still two draft picks waiting to be signed.  The week ahead will be a huge one for the Vikings -- a week sure to be a dramatic one if the last three months are any indication.

By now, almost every conceivable aspect of Favregeddon has been analyzed, analyzed again, and then analyzed more.  This blog has been visited over 250,000 times since it all began in early May and we launched into one of the most intriguing offseasons that I can ever remember in my years of following Minnesota sports.

During the last three months, we've heard that Favre would remain retired, then Favre consulted with Dr. James Andrews about his right shoulder, then Fran Tarkenton got in the mix, then Favre underwent surgery, then ESPN falsely reported that Brad Childress had set an early June deadline for Favre to make a decision, then I got tired of the media's incompetence in its reporting of the Favre saga, then Favre appeared on Joe Buck Live, then Ray Edwards got into a bit of trouble for criticizing the personal locker room Favre had with the Jets, then Gonzo took us through the Favre stages of grief, then we heard some positive reports about Favre's arm, then Favre promised a decision by July 30th, then reported that he might make a decision by Friday of last week, and finally, Bus Cook told everyone to hold their horses, as Favre was still unprepared to make a decision as of last Friday.

And here we are.

Scary thing is, I left a bunch of stuff out in that recap. That's how many twists and turns there have been.  It's all been leading up to the approaching yes-or-no decision from Favre, which will presumably occur in the next few days.

Things are quiet now, but fast forward 48 or 72 hours and it could be a much different story.  All eyes will be on the Minnesota Vikings -- and I can't wait to see what lies ahead.