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After All That, No Favre

What the hell just happened?

We went through three months of twists and turns...for what?  To insult Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels through having members of the team lobby Favre to join the Vikes?  For Brett to hold this team hostage throughout most of the offseason?  To create a huge distraction for the team that ultimately went...nowhere?

To be put in an extremely uncomfortable position as the team heads to training camp this week?  To now have to convince T-Jack and Sage that it was nothing personal?  That the three month drama about replacing them shouldn't be taken as an insult, and that they should move forward as if nothing happened?

I'm absolutely stunned right now.  It seemed like such a done deal.  Favre went through with the surgery, he was throwing the ball fine down in Hattiesburg, he referred to himself and the Vikings as "we" on Joe Buck Live...and then he just decides to remain retired?  Again, what the hell?

Screw you, Brett Favre

True, the Vikings allowed themselves to be taken for a ride by this clown.  True, an organization should never allow its offseason to be hijacked by a single player -- even someone as magnificent as Lord Favre.  There's a lot of blame to be put on the team for what has unfolded throughout the previous months.

But any reasonable coaching staff and front office would have looked at Favre's efforts to return to the field and concluded that, in all likelihood, they wouldn't be left looking like a bunch of asses who couldn't say "no."  That Favre wouldn't leave them hanging after months of efforts to make a comeback.

So I can't put the blame for this debacle entirely on the organziation.  In this case, Favre was just gonna completely screw the team over, and there wasn't much anyone could do about it.

And now, we have to hope Rosenfels and Jackson can put this behind them.  Even though the team blatantly wanted to replace them.  Even though their own teammates were pushing for them to be replaced.  Even though the entire offseason centered on the notion that Brett Favre was the best man to lead this team.

It's a tough spot to be in -- there's no question about that.  Turning the page on this will not be easy, and there could be some real problems that occur as a result of the drama.

Still, that's the reality of the position this team is in right now.  Sure, more could have been done to avoid being in this position.  Sure, stricter deadlines could have been put in place, or the Vikings could have asked for a stronger commitment before moving too far ahead with Favre.  But that's just not how Brett Favre operates.

The Vikings were taken for a ride.  I can't blame them for being interested in a Hall of Fame quarterback.  Perhaps they should have known what they were getting themselves into -- a horribly indecisive attention-loving drama queen who can't get enough of the media spotlight.  Regardless of how much he claims to dislike the attention.

I'll say it again: Screw you, Brett Favre.