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Not Again! Favre Leaves Door Open

Uh oh!

There's no sense in asking the question about whether this is it for Favre. He said he was finished 17 months ago in Green Bay, and he insisted he was finished five months ago after leaving the Jets. Even he knows his gut feeling can't be trusted right now.

"Very unlikely,'' he said. "I really believe this is it. I truly, truly believe it's over. But if someone calls Nov. 1, who knows?''

This story from Peter King, along with Steve Mariucci's report that Favre will continue to throw and work out, has fueled quite a bit of speculation that we haven't seen the last of this quarterback.  A scenario in which he approaches the Vikings down the road is unlikely but cannot be completely ruled out.

If that happens, he needs to be told just one word -- in order to keep the locker room together, in order for Brad Childress to maintain his credibility with the players, and in order for the franchise to display it has a spine.

That one word?  "Nope."

Look, I wanted Favre badly.  Like many others, I thought he was the missing piece of the puzzle for the Vikings.  But yesterday was the point of no return for the Vikings and Favre.  It's over.  End of story.

If he changes his mind yet again and wants to play, it's gotta be with another team.  Chilly's already dealing with a credibility crisis as he attempts to explain that he didn't really need Favre -- and if any word gets out that he might reconsider Favre, it would do permanent damage to his credibility in the locker room.

Favre can do whatever he wants, as far as I'm concerned -- but it can't involve the Vikings.  If he wants to continue the waffling, more power to him.  If he ultimately wants to play another season, that's certainly his right.

Just don't even think about doing it with the Minnesota Vikings.