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Childress, Wilf, Spielman: We Don't Want Vick

Chris Myers reported on Fox Sports Radio that the Vikings are in negotiations to bring Michael Vick to Minnesota -- a ridiculous report that was met with swift denials from three members of the organization.

It started at Chilly's press conference:

Childress, however, denied that report by first asking who was the source.

“It wasn’t me,” Childress said.

Asked if that meant “no”, Childress replied, “It would have to be a no.”

Then Zygi was asked about it:

"Do you need a denial?  I'm denying it."

And then Spielman reinforced what Chilly and Zygi said:

V.P. of player personnel Rick Spielman was even more pointed, telling [Pro Football Talk's] Tom Curran...that the Vikings aren't interested in Vick.

You getting this, Fox Sports?  The Vick speculation started after the news about Favre broke, with Jay Glazer saying that the Favre-less Vikings "need" Vick.  And then we have this ridiculous story from Myers. 

Gonzo's been over this: Vick has been vastly overrated throughout his career and would hardly be enough of an upgrade at quarterback when you consider the PR problems he'd create.  I have no issue with his reinstatement, but he's been out of football for two years and the few potential benefits just aren't worth the controversy.

It amazes me that this is even an issue and three different members of the organization had to deny the Vick rumors.  But it was something Chilly, Wilf and Spielman needed to do -- because this could be the worst possible time for another round of rumors surrounding the Vikings and the quarterback position.  At this point, there cannot be another whisper coming out of the organization that suggests flimsy support for Tarvaris and Sage.