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Mobile Commenting Has Gone Live!

Have you ever found yourself torn between heading out to the local fine drinking establishment with your buddies to watch the Beloved Purple and staying at home so you can absorb all the wit and insight of the game threads here at The Daily Norseman while staying at home?

If you have. . .re-examine your priorities have I got a deal for you!

Now, thanks to the incomparable SBNation tech team, the ability to comment on the go has been opened up to everybody SBNation wide!  Yes, you can now log onto your Daily Norseman account from your mobile phone or other mobile device and add in comments any time you please.

You can comment from the bar.
You can comment from a car.*
You can comment from the club.
You can comment in the tub.

You can comment from the beach.
You can comment during a speech.
You can comment from your chair.
You can comment from anywhere!

Now, I haven't actually tested this myself, since I'm lame and am still stuck with a really awful flip phone. . .shut up, I'll upgrade eventually. . .but it looks like a couple of our commenters have, and word from around SBNation is that it's going quite well thus far.  If you experience any problems with it, drop the SBNation tech team an e-mail at and let them know a) what kind of phone you have, b) what browser you're using, and c) a detailed description of your problem.

I hope all of you that have the capability to do so take full advantage of this.  Leave some comments and let us know how it goes!

* - But for the love of everything, please, please, PLEASE don't comment. . .or text at all, really. . .while you're driving.  It annoys the crap out of me and everybody else on the road, and it's a good way to get yourself into an accident.  Seriously, people.