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Friday's Starting Quarterback Still TBD

So, Darrell Bevell, who will be the starting quarterback in Indy this Friday?

"We haven’t decided," Bevell said following a physical full-pads practice at Minnesota State, Mankato. "That’s not my job to come in here and tell you who the starting quarterback is. Coach [Brad Childress] will tell you. We are in the process. We’re talking about it. Getting the exact reps with each and every guy, exactly how we want it to play out. I’m sure coach will tell you here pretty soon."

Does it really matter who gets the start?  Probably not.  I'd imagine Rosenfels and Jackson will play two or three drives each, with John David Booty getting whatever remains.

I was disappointed last preseason with Tarvaris Jackson's playing time.  He played in the first two games of the preseason before getting injured and sitting out the final two games, but in each of the games he did play, his time was limited to just the first quarter.  I found that curious.  You have a young quarterback, you don't know what you have in him -- and yet you yank him after the first quarter like you would Kurt Warner or Drew Brees?

And then, two weeks into the regular season, you're in the position of having to make a quarterback switch.  My point?  Don't get too cute with the preseason playing time for Rosenfels and Jackson.  Sure, avoiding an injury is a high priority in the preseason, but should the trade-off for that mean we can't get a decent look at these guys?