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Chilly Still Deciding on Friday's Starter

Classic Brad Childress right here. Keep your upcoming opponent guessing by not revealing who the starting quarterback will be. It's a tactic he often uses during a quarterback controversy, taking advantage of the controversy by not announcing the starter until the last minute so the week's opponent needs to prep for two quarterbacks.

But wait a second. This is just the preseason. The games don't matter. Why on earth hasn't Chilly made up his mind yet on the starting quarterback for this Friday's game in Indianapolis?

Childress said he still hasn’t decided whether Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels will start against the Colts but that ideally both will get equal reps.

Just make up your damn mind, Brad. If you don't want to appear to favor one over the other, name Sage the starter and say it's because he was healthy for the entire two weeks of training camp. Please, make a decision.

Let's skip the mind games and move forward. That's what this seems like to me: Mind games. But at some point, enough is enough and you've gotta level with your players.

And when I complain about not knowing who the starter is for this week, I'm also speaking about the bigger picture here. It would be classic Brad Childress to wait until the last minute to name his week one starter. I'd be very disappointed if he did that but it also wouldn't surprise me. Chilly: When you're set on the starting quarterback, just let us know who it is. This team needs stability at quarterback, not prolonged indecisiveness from you.