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Jay Glazer Just Can't Say Goodbye to Favreapalooza

Why has this report from Jay Glazer been receiving so much attention today?  Beats me.  But after seeing it around the web, it's something that should probably be noted -- and refuted -- here at DN:

After visiting the Vikings for two days, I am convinced — positively convinced — that Brett Favre will soon have talks with the Vikings to return to the team and could be joining them for this season after all. If my instincts are correct, all those purple Favre jerseys will have a home on Minnesota store shelves.

No, no, no, no, no.  The Favre thing is over, even if folks like Glazer are still relying on him to draw attention to their articles.  There's no going back from the moment in the end of July when Favre told the Vikings he wanted to stay in retirement -- he's more than welcome to play for another team, but just not the Vikings.

This lingered over the Vikings for nearly three months during the offseason.  Letting it continue any longer would be an inexcusable mistake, as this team needs to do whatever it can to move on and rally behind whichever quarterback wins the competition and becomes the starter.  A continuation of Favregeddon would irreparably harm the credibility of nearly everyone involved in making personnel decisions for the organization.

Blind speculation like Glazer's seems to be what passes for news when it comes to Brett Favre's future, so I'll deny what he wrote just as easily as he dreamed it up.  No, the scenario Glazer wrote about absolutely will not happen.  It will not.  Favre-to-Vikings is a dead scenario, and Glazer looks like an ass for attempting to revive it.