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Favrestock 2009!

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The Vikings just officially announced the deal in a press release:

“We believe adding a player such as Brett Favre to our mix will be a strong positive for this football team,” said Head Coach Brad Childress. “As we have conveyed before, his unique knowledge of our system, the NFC North and his innate skills make this a rare opportunity. We felt there was a brief window to reconsider the possibility and we owed it to the organization to evaluate our options. After thorough discussion, the same variables that made this a unique and positive situation previously, still exist. Now, our attention turns to getting to work as a team, our next practice and preparing for the season.”

There's only one word to describe what is occurring at Winter Park: Favrestock.  The news isn't slowing down as this wild day continues, so we'll do this in bullet point form.  I'll be adding to this post as news breaks.