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Your Brett Favre Roundup

Once again, delving into the huge amount of Brett Favre news out there:

  • Want to see some footage of Brett Favre on the practice field yesterday? has you covered.  The selected highlights make Favre's performance look very impressive, but remember: You're only seeing what the team wants you to see.  Still, Favre had just hopped off a plane and briefly stopped in the Vikings facility to sign a contract before running out to the practice field.  Considering that, he looked good.
  • Tuesday was a big day at the box office for the Vikings.  By yesterday afternoon, the team had sold 6,000 single game tickets and 2,000 season tickets.  Just what the Wilfs wanted.
  • When asked if he wants to remain with the Vikings, Sage Rosenfels was evasive.  The fact that he told the media "I haven't really thought about that" set off some alarms for me, but a league source told Mike Florio that Rosenfels will be a "good soldier."  I sure hope so.  With Favre's questionable health, the Vikings need a solid backup behind Favre.  Not to mention that Sage is currently next in line for the starting job.
  • And on that note, I see little question that the quarterback least likely to be a "good soldier" is Tarvaris Jackson.  Sure, Rosenfels came into yesterday morning as the odds-on starter, so this has to be a blow for him.  But can T-Jack handle becoming a third-stringer?  That remains to be seen.
  • Deadspin looks at what the intellectuals on Green Bay's Craigslist think of Favre coming to Minnesota.
  • Robert Francois' claim to fame?  The rookie linebacker was released to make roster space for Favre.  Happy trails, Robert -- you might be bummed out now, but this is something you can tell your grandkids about.
  • Wait, you mean there's stuff happening at Winter Park not related to Favre?  Ah, that's right -- Jared Allen hobbled off the practice field on Monday after injuring his right ankle.  Thankfully, it's not serious.