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The Sunday Viking Vegur: Wednesday Edition

Andrew reminded me about this the other day, and I was going to get right on it until. . .well, you know.  So, we're going with a mid-week edition of the Vegur so that we can get a compilation of all of the talk about the Brett Favre signing.

One little bit of bragging, though. . .prior to yesterday, our record for site hits in one day was just a shade over 9,000.  That happened the day that we were all wearing out the F5 buttons on our keyboards looking for news about T.J. Houshmandzadeh.  (Remember that guy?  Yeah, neither do I. . .although if I did remember him, I'd probably wonder whether or not he was kicking himself right now, because he probably should be.)  Yesterday, we hit that mark right around noon.  Overall, the final tally for Farvegeddon yesterday was 22,658 visits and 40,778 page views, both of which completely obliterated the single-day records for the site.  We're also well on pace to break our record for monthly visits and page views as well.  So, another big thank you has to go out to all you readers out there and everybody else that found the site through whatever means they found it through.

And, with that, your Farvegeddon roundup from yesterday comes after the jump.

-Over at Defensive Indifference, Jason and company are letting the news of the Favre signing finally sink in.

-At Grant's Tomb, they're looking. . .*gasp*. . .beyond this season and into the future of the Vikings' QB position.

-In the Locker Room, Luft is sorting out his Favre Feelings.

-Pacifist Viking speaks about the Favre signing, up to and including where he was when he heard the news.

-The Purple Buckeye lists his "Favregnugen" winners and losers.  (And I'll admit. . .I almost like Favregnugen better than Favregeddon.  Almost.)

-The Viking Age looks at the Beloved Purple getting ripped for the Favre signing by. . .Peter King?  Wait, what?

-Vikings Gab brings us "Dollars, Doggy-Doo, and Dipsticks," which might be the best title for an article we see this year.

-Vikes Geek says that the Favre signing is just what the doctor ordered.

-Viking Nation has their take about #4 signing with the Vikings as well.

-The guys at Viking Vigil think that signing Favre is a great move for the franchise.

And there you go. . .all sorts of different perspectives about the conclusion of Favregeddon for you to chew on this Wednesday morning.  They're all great reads, so please support all the Vikings bloggers out there by giving them a couple minutes of your time.