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The Sunday Viking Vegur: Full Plate Edition

Man, it's pretty amazing what the start of Training Camp can do to the Vikings' blogosphere, isn't it?  The Beloved Purple hit the field in helmets, shoulder pads, and shorts, and all of a sudden things begin, as the kids say, "blowing up in the hizzy."

(Do kids today still say "hizzy?"  I hope so, for the sake of that last sentence if nothing else.)

But yes, we do have a bunch of different stories for your perusal this fine Sunday evening.  Hit the jump and we will hook you up!

To start, let's close the book on the Favre thing once and for all, shall we?

-Skol Vikes channels his inner Bob Marley by simply stating "No Favre, No Cry"
-The Purple Trojan tells us about how Brett Favre cheated the Minnesota Vikings
-Vike Vision, still complete with cute purple-eyed girl header graphic, closes the curtain on the king of drama

Now, on to what's actually happening. . .

-Our friend Capital J has been absolutely all over Training Camp thus far. . .his latest set of jottings can be found right here

-Over at Defensive Indifference, Jason asks out loud if you can win with mediocre quarterback play

-Grant's Tomb gives us a review of NFL Network's Top Ten Most Snakebitten Teams (I won't give away the results. . .you'll have to hit the Tomb to find out)

-Pacifist Viking has a somewhat. . .unusual. . .way of preparing for his fantasy football auction draft.  Would we expect anything different from PV?

-Purple Jesus Diaries blatantly rips off Mike & Mike in the Morning with his "predictions sure to go wrong."  (Just kidding, PJD. . .I'm sure you didn't blatantly rip them off.)

-The Viking Age reports on the Vikings having to do something absolutely ridiculous. . .issue not one, not two, but three formal statements denying interest in a certain dog-killing former NFL quarterback

-Vikes Geek has some ideas as to how the Vikings should spend their cap space now that they won't be spending it on Brett Favre

-And, finally, Viking Nation takes a look at the Vikings' running backs in training camp, particularly the battle for #3 between Ian Johnson and Albert Young

And there's your trip around the Vikings' blogosphere for this weekend, folks!  We'll be back tomorrow with more purple and gold goodness for your consumption.  Until then, enjoy the last little bit of your weekend, ladies and gentlemen!