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Gonzo To Appear on Optimum Scouting Podcast Tonight

EDIT:  The archived copy of the Podcast is available.  If you want to jump straight to my part, it starts at the 32-minute mark of the piece.

For those of you that have to wait for the NFL Network re-broadcast of tonight's Vikings/Chiefs game. . .you know, like I do. . .here's a little something that will help you pass a little bit of your time.

I'll be on the Optimum Scouting Show's podcast on BlogTalkRadio (the same medium that I'll be using for Norse Code) this evening.  It's a live podcast, and we'll be talking about the expectations for the Vikings this season.  I'm scheduled to be on between 8:30 and 8:45 PM Central to talk about the Beloved Purple.  If you want to listen to the entire show, they'll also be previewing the New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, and Oakland Raiders.

Here's the player for the podcast, so all you should have to do is hit the "Play" button.  Hopefully a lot of you folks will tune in this evening. . .should be a lot of fun!