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Let the Favre Era Begin!

Arrowhead_pride_medium Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the second game of the pre-season is nearly upon us. . .and I don't know if anybody's ever kept track of the most anticipated pre-season games in NFL history, but if they did, I'm sure that this one would be right up near the top of the list. This marks the start of the Brett Favre era, for better or worse, in the Twin Cities, and after three days of waiting I simply can't wait.

We got an opportunity to exchange some questions with the good folks at Arrowhead Pride, SBNation's home for Kansas City Chiefs football. Our answers to their questions can be found over at AP, and here are their answers to the questions I had for them.

Let's hope for a good, hard-played football game with NO INJURIES and we'll see everyone back here after the game!


1) Since you asked me, I'll ask you as well. . .if you were in charge of the Chiefs and you could either do the Jared Allen trade again or keep him in KC, would you trade him again?

Considering the circumstances, yeah I would trade him again. It made sense, and still makes sense for the Chiefs on a number of levels.

Our return value was fair. We'll end up with our starting LT for, what we hope, is the next decade so that alone is probably worth it.
In addition to that, we picked up Jamaal Charles would could turn into a nice change of pace back.
The cost involved with Jared Allen was a lot. The new regime in Kansas City doesn't seem keen on paying any one player a large amount so he would have been under a microscope by this time.
The Chiefs also switched to the 3-4 defense this year. Two of first round picks in the last three years are big question marks as to whether they fit and, considering JA has never played in a 3-4, he would be a question mark as well.
So, with everything involved, including knowing what we know now, I would have still pulled the trigger on the Jared Allen trade.
2) The Chiefs dumped a lot of money into the lap of Matt Cassel this off-season. How has he looked in practice thus far, and what do Chiefs fans expect from him in 2009?
He's looked mediocre. He's not setting the world on fire for sure. Much of what you'll hear in news reports is sort of a reaction to his play AND his contract.
Some folks expect (and possibly rightfully so) that he needs to come out and immediately take command of the starting job.
It just hasn't happened yet.
New head coach, new offense, new's all different so that take time for everyone to adjust.
A common misconception with many fans and/or media folks is that the Chiefs are building to win in 2009. To an extent, that's true but it's more about building for the next decade.
In the long run, I think he'll be fine. We just may not see that in 2009.
3) Kansas City's defense last year had ten sacks in sixteen games. What steps have been taken in order to help the Chiefs get more pressure on the QB this season?
Um, uh....That's the response you'll get from a lot of us.
The biggest move was the switch to the 3-4 defense. With a lot of different looks and what not, we'll scheme our way to quarterback sacks. The playmakers for the 3-4 simply just aren't there yet.
We've got a few pieces that could turn into something nice but as of now, I don't expect the Chiefs pass rush to be much better than last year.
A prediction? We'll be better than last year. That's all I'll say.
4) What are your impressions of new Chiefs coach Todd Haley, who came from running one of the best offenses in football in Arizona to take the Chiefs' head coaching spot?
You'll get mixed reactions on him since he hasn't coached a meaningful game in Kansas City yet but I like him.
One thing we've learned, is that he's a total Parcells copycat, which is a great thing. It's a proven method that makes sense to emulate.
He's getting guys in here with a Pioli or Parcells connection because that's what he's comfortable with. He coached under Parcells in New York and Dallas. GM Scott Pioli was there in New York as well.
He's mastered the art of the non-answer in press conferences ala Bill Belichick and sometimes hesitates to use players' names in press conferences ala Bill Parcells.
Of course, if he wins, then everyone will like him because that's all that really matters.
5) Outside of "nobody getting injured," what are the big things you're looking for out of this evening's pre-season contest?
Basically, we're looking at a possible starter-change at right tackle, looking to get our fourth win in the last calendar year and hoping our defense shines in the national spotlight.
(Note from Gonzo: This post at Arrowhead Pride has some other questions the Chiefs want to answer this evening.)