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Some in Locker Room Remain T-Jack Supporters

Oh no!  Adam Schefter says there's dissent in the locker room!  Some of the players who were standing by Tarvaris Jackson coming into training camp are still standing by him -- even after Brett Favre came to town!  And the great football mind that is Mike Florio thinks T-Jack's strong performance against the Chiefs has only strengthened and encouraged the elements of the locker room that still aren't drinking the Favre Kool-Aid!

Before folks in the media start typing up their reports about a "divided locker room" and we have to suffer through stories about whether Chilly can maintain control of the situation, I think some perspective is important. 

Brett Favre has been in Minnesota for one week.  Tarvaris Jackson has been in Minnesota for over three years -- he's entering his fourth season with the Vikings.  Favre threw four passes in the one game he has played with the Vikings.  Jackson is coming off a game in which he posted a perfect quarterback rating.  And in the four regular season games freshest in the memories of his teammates, he led the Vikings to a 3-1 record.

Is it any wonder that some players are apparently reluctant to embrace the arrival of Favre?  Since Favre is replacing a guy who's been here for over three years and has undoubtedly made his share of friends among the guys currently on the Vikings roster?  Since Favre missed training camp while Jackson has been around for the entire offseason?

For all the fans who remain upset about Favre, and for all the players who would rather see Jackson starting than Favre, the remedy is a simple one: Just see if the guy can win you over.  If he puts points on the board and helps the team get to the playoffs, none of this will matter.  And if he fails, he fails.

By the way, Florio suggests that this small movement in the locker room is reason to deal T-Jack.  I disagree.  It's ridiculous to draw any conclusions about this barely a week after Favre became a Viking.