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"Schism" Becomes a Punchline

So, that story from ESPN’s Adam Schefter yesterday about the "schism" in the Vikings locker room? The one where Schefter claimed that Brett Favre has "little support" from his teammates?

This isn’t going to surprise you, but the report is apparently bogus.

Judd Zulgad, one of the downright best beat writers around, wrote on Access Vikings that he spent a great deal of time looking into the report from Schefter and a similar one from Pro Football Talk. And this is his conclusion:

So where did my reporting get me? Nowhere close to feeling that this situation is as dire as it is being painted.

So now, "schism" has become a punchline.  Just ask Chris Kluwe:

As the camera crews walked away after the open access part of practice, Kluwe yelled: "Uh-oh, there’s a schism in the camera crew."

Or Dan Barreiro:

FAN can't confirm schism over No. 4, but can certify at least 2 of following: chasm, fissure, rupture, fracture or splinter.

Or Phil Mackey:

Just watched first 15 min of Vikes practice. A "faction" of the team was dressed as Confederates, the other dressed as the Union. More later

Or Matt Thomas:

A schism can be treated with an over the counter ointment or for quicker antibiotic.

Or Fox 9 Sports:

Talking in the sports office, we think Schefter was taking his practice SAT's and "schism" was on there. He decided to use it in a sentence.

And that's just how this thing should have ended.  Because there's nothing to see here. Just a couple players not yet on the Favre bandwagon – and that’s perfectly fine. I’d be stunned if every player was lined up unanimously in support of Favre. The fact that it isn’t unanimous is hardly newsworthy – but at least this mini-controversy should soon be behind this team. Keep the schism jokes coming.