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T-Jack Remains Sidelined

Judd Zulgad has a complete rundown of this morning's practice at Access Vikings, but here's the big story of the day: Tarvaris Jackson remains sidelined after suffering a grade I MCL sprain on Saturday.

In the immediate aftermath of the injury, we were hearing about the possibility that the Vikings could make a move to add a quarterback to the roster.  That hasn't happened, and it doesn't appear it will happen.  However, T-Jack's status has prompted this big question: Will this injury have a significant impact on the quarterback competition?

The fact that Childress hasn't signed anyone to take some reps during camp signals to me that this is actually a fair competition.  Rosenfels has been given a stage to impress.  Coming into camp, I was skeptical of Chilly's willingness to cut the cord with Tarvaris -- so I've been surprised by his response to the injury.

Here's what I thought would happen during camp: There wouldn't be a clear winner in the quarterback competition, so Chilly would instinctively give Tarvaris the starting job.  He's come this far with T-Jack, and he's not about to change course.  But that's not the signal I've been getting to this point.  Rosenfels has been handed a legitimate opportunity to work with the offense, as just John David Booty and Darrell Bevell are sharing the stage with him.

If Rosenfels doesn't take full advantage of this opportunity, he has only himself to blame.  T-Jack remains day-to-day and I get the impression he won't be back until later this week.

Ultimately, Chilly's become a bit more credible in my eyes.  He is giving Rosenfels a chance, despite my concerns that he wouldn't.  The preseason will be the big test for both quarterbacks, but if Sage ends up on the losing end of the competition, he can't complain that he wasn't given an opportunity to get acclimated with the offense.