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The Sunday Viking Vegur: Only Two Weeks Left Edition

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, at about this time two weeks from now, we'll all (hopefully) be discussing the Beloved Purple's Week One triumph over the Cleveland Browns to kick off what looks to be a promising 2009 NFL season.  Hard to believe we're finally this close, isn't it?

Still not sure if the first episode of Norse Code will be before the game against the Browns or after.  I'm still trying to see how my schedule shakes out.  Even the best laid plans of mice and men. . .something something something.  But as soon as I make the determination, it will be put out here for everyone to see.

I managed to miss the draft for the football league for the second year in a row because I had an Honor Guard detail come up at the last minute, and spent most of my Saturday traveling between Biloxi and Lafayette, Louisiana.  My team is looking a bit on the fugly side, but hey. . .if we're giving away prizes, we don't want me to win anyway, do we?

With that, we have our Sunday Viking Vegur for this week, and it's actually taking place on Sunday.  I know, right!  Links are in no particular order.

-We've had our fun with "Schism-gate" thus far, and so have the folks at Purple Jesus Diaries.

-Pacifist Viking has a bit of an issue with the new box scores over at, and I have to say I agree with him.  Why did they have to go and screw up a good thing?

-The folks over at Grant's Tomb are apparently trying to get their site sponsored by Dos Equis, as they've declared the Vikings the most interesting team in the world.  Really, it's hard to disagree.

-Capital J takes his second stab at predicting the Vikings' 53-man roster.  I'm going to wait until after the 3rd pre-season game to do my projections, I think.  (That's not cheating, is it?)

-Speaking of tomorrow night's game, Defensive Indifference is setting a trend with "pre-reactions" that depend on how things play out for the Beloved Purple.

-Hey, the Ragnarok is alive!  As part of their return, they're looking at the "Tarvaris Conundrum."

-Quarterbacks are also on Vikes Geek's mind, as he determines exactly how. . .not if. . .the Vikings' upcoming QB decision will come back to bite them.

-They're talking about quarterbacks at The Viking Age as well, as they wonder aloud whether or not there's a quarterback controversy in Minnesota.  I'm thinking. . .no.

-Finally, the folks over at Vikings Gab have prepared a nice little handbook for "Those Who Love the Vikings But Hate Brett Favre."  Pretty entertaining stuff!

And there's your spin around the Vikings' blogosphere for this week, ladies and gentlemen.  We hope you keep on coming back for more schismy goodness as we plow forward to the 2009 season.  Enjoy what's left of your weekend, and we'll see you back here tomorrow for the game!