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The Most Important Game of the Pre-Season

This is the game thread. If you're looking for the game thread, this is the one.

The biggest story for this evening is going to be the progress that Brett Favre has made as the Vikings' quarterback since his debut nine days ago against Kansas City. Ron Jaworski has been quoted as saying that he was impressed with the way Favre has looked in practice the past couple of days, and Jaws' word would seem to be pretty good to me. Hopefully it will translate onto the field as well.

Pat Williams will make his pre-season debut tonight, and Jared Allen will be back as well. I haven't seen anything as to whether or not Bernard Berrian will play, but I'm sure someone will toss a comment out there if they've seen anything one way or the other.

So, sit back, enjoy tonight's game, and remember that it's only 13 more days until we get football for real. Hopefully there won't be any injuries on either side this evening, and we'll be treated to a well-played game of pre-season football.