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Strange Praise for Rosenfels

The news wasn't exactly coming fast and furious today, but I did want to quickly mention something from Grandpa Sports' column.  It featured an interview with Rick Spielman who was trying to express confidence in Sage Rosenfels but ended up offering some fairly strange praise of the quarterback:

"This is my second time being around Sage, and he's been a very, extremely talented backup-type quarterback," Spielman said. "He has an opportunity to come in here and compete with Tarvaris [Jackson], and we feel very fortunate to have two type quarterbacks like that."

Whoo hoo!  The Vikings have two extremely talented backup-type quarterbacks!

Well, whether he knew he was doing this or not, Spielman perfectly expressed the anxieties of myself and others who lack confidence in the current quarterbacks on the roster. 

No one doubts that T-Jack and Rosenfels would be fine backup quarterbacks -- as Spielman himself said, they would be considered "extremely talented" in such a role.  But unfortunately, this isn't a competition to see who's good enough to become the backup quarterback.  We're trying to fill the starting quarterback slot with two quarterbacks that Spielman concedes should probably be considered "backup-types" more than anything.

The headline of the column is "Spielman believes in new QB Rosenfels," but he wasn't exactly overflowing with confidence in Sage.  Calling his comments "praise" might even be generous.