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Daily Norseman Fantasy Football is Live!

And, unlike last year's league, this year's affair is going to be on a first-come, first serve basis.

We've teamed up once again this year with the folks from FleaFlicker for the Daily Norseman official fantasy football league.  The site features live scoring and all the other bells and whistles that you'd expect from a top-notch fantasy football league.

The link to the league is right here.  If you don't have a account, you'll have to sign up for one before you attempt to join the league.  When you attempt to join the league, it will ask you for a password.  The password for the league is SkolVikes (case-sensitive).  It's going to be a 16-team league, with the top 8 teams going to the playoffs.  Once we get to the post-season, we're going to re-align the brackets NHL-style, where the highest-seeded remaining team will automatically get to play the lowest-seeded remaining team in each round.

With my team already being in the mix, there are 15 open spots for this league.  The winner will get an as-of-yet determined prize.  Probably a jersey or a FatHead or something along those lines.  I'm also still playing with the scoring settings, lineups, draft date, and all that stuff as well.  More information will be coming about the league as the weeks progress.  If there's enough interest, I can create more than one league as well. . .although prizes for any leagues outside of the first one might be a little dicey.  Not sure how well that will work out yet.

But, for now, have at it and sign up, folks!