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Wade Out, Greg Lewis In

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"Hey, Bobby Wade! We really appreciate you taking that 50% pay cut this season and taking a significantly smaller role on the team after we drafted Percy Harvin in the offseason. You've made a lot of sacrifices to make this team better. We appreciate it. And oh yeah, one last thing...turn in you're playbook, because you're cut. Yeah, we picked up Greg Lewis instead and we don't need you anymore."

Probably not the exact way the Vikings management put it to Wade, but that's what it must feel like for the poor guy. What a difference a year makes, huh? Last year, Wade was a definite go-to target; this year, through no fault of his own, he had been reduced to an afterthought in a suddenly deep Vikings wide receiving corps.

The Vikings have replaced Wade with Greg Lewis. (Tribune article here.) You probably know Lewis from being picked up by someone in your fantasy league after he had one big game for the Eagles, only to be dropped two weeks later after he scored 1 total point after that. I'm not really sure why the Vikings chose to do this three days before the season, especially after Wade took a pay cut. Maybe Childress really liked something he saw in Lewis during their time together in Philadelphia. Either way, it shouldn't affect Minnesota's complete thrashing of game against the Browns on Sunday that much.

Let us know what you think about the move. Did Bobby get screwed over? Are you excited for the Greg Lewis Era? Or are you only focused on how many hundreds of yards AP will rack up on Sunday?