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Adrian Peterson Will Embarrass Your Defense, Steal Your Car

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Bunch of quick headlines to run down, and the first and most noteworthy of which should probably be the fact that Adrian Peterson -- despite tearing the Cleveland Browns' defense apart in the second half last Sunday -- still didn't win the NFC offensive player of the week award. OK, Drew Brees putting up 358 passing yards and six touchdowns against Detroit last week makes him a deserving recipient of the award. With the Vikings traveling to Detroit next week, here's hoping the Lions defense helps another offensive player get some acknowledgment. Not that this week's SI coverboy will even need the help, but I see another big game ahead for him.

Oh yeah, if Adrian Peterson does indeed light up the Lions defense, there's a chance the Detroit television market will be spared the agony. The team is facing a blackout of this week's game.

In another AD story, we found out that he's a jokester and a prankster in addition to being the best running back in the NFL. Helpful hint to members of the Vikings: When Adrian's around, hide your car keys. In a posting on his blog, Sidney Rice offered an entertaining glimpse into the antics of an NFL locker room. Rice was sticking around late in Winter Park one day to watch some extra film -- and AD took the opportunity to run off with Sid's Maserati.

And then there's that odd sidestory unfolding surrounding Eric Mangini and the New York Jets. After failing to disclose injury information about Brett Favre near the end of last season, the Jets were fined $75,000 and Mangini $25,000 for their roles in the matter. So not only will the Vikings beat your team, but they'll lighten your wallet. An intriguing mini-saga but nothing that matters too much at this point in time.

How about Bobby Wade? You've gotta admit -- the man couldn't have been more classy in his first comments to the media after being released by the Vikings and inked by the Chiefs. Basically said that despite being surprised by the move, this is ultimately a business. For what it's worth, I also think it's notable that Wade debunked the "schism" report, even now that he lacks affiliation with the Vikings. Kudos to Bobby for being a class act.

Finally, some power rankings. In ESPN's rankings, the Vikings moved up a slot from #9 to #8, and the same was true for the Packers (#12 to #11). The upcoming opponents for the Vikes? They're down at #31.