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Chilly Poetically Summarizes What Vikings Fans Think

This is why I love Brad Childress:

"I know just from reading the clips there's a clamoring for the throws down field," Childress said. "There's a taste for it right now. There's an appetite for it."

In my opinion, there's also a yearning, a desire, a hunger, a hankering, an ache, a craving, and a longing for more downfield throws. But that's beside the point. Here's a little more from the account of Chilly's presser:

Childress seemed more amused than annoyed by this as he addressed reporters at Winter Park. Asked if the Vikings' short passing game was simply the West Coast offense at work, Childress made it clear this system does have the ability to go up the field.

I wouldn't doubt that's the case, but even his point there is speculative -- because we haven't seen this team throw the dang ball downfield during the first two games. The Vikings have the weapons to throw the ball, say, ten or more yards beyond the line of scrimmage, but the leash has remained tight on King Favre thus far.

There's little doubt Favre has done a fine job of managing the game, but he can do more than that. At more than one time during these last two games, I've wondered what the point of bringing him in was if this team won't open things up a little -- because there's no question T-Jack and Rosenfels could dump the ball off to Chester Taylor just fine. I'm not suggesting a full-blown aerial attack that wears Favre's arm down, but let's mix things up.

Chilly does have a point later in the article when he's quoted as saying that YAC is of the utmost importance to the Vikings passing game. Percy Harvin has proven to be especially valuable in that regard. But too often, we've seen this team fall into the first half trap of over-utilizing the running backs in the passing game -- and failing to get Harvin, Bernard Berrian, and Sidney Rice involved until later on, when the Vikings have ultimately taken control.

The lessons from these first two games? Get your receivers involved early on. Get Shank involved too -- the big fella only had one reception for one yard on Sunday. And let the gunslinger take a shot once in a while. Favre's been doing fine in his overall role of game manager, but utilize more than his ability to throw a mean checkdown.