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The Real Reasons why Ian Johnson and Booty were Cut

From DJ Gallo's always-hilarious article on why Ian Johnson didn't make it to the 53-man roster:

Ian Johnson, RB, Vikings -- It was a numbers issue with the former Boise State star in Minnesota. There were just too many quality backs already on the roster. But Johnson may have earned himself a spot on the practice squad with a dramatic proposal to head coach Brad Childress.

That one was pretty good, but I think Gallo's explanation of why Booty didn't make it was much more short and sweet:

John David Booty, QB, Vikings -- Booty lost his job because some old turdbag simply can't move on with his life.

My personal favorite was Jeff Garcia. Click the link to hear Gallo's theory as to why the veteran QB got the axe. I guess "Split Right Set Slant" would be tough!