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Welcome to the Hood

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The Vikings are back at it today after getting the week off and finding out yesterday who their opponent would be for next Sunday's showdown in the Metrodome. And by showdown in the Metrodome, I mean showdown in the hood. And by showdown in the hood, I mean showdown in the Zygihood. Allow Fat Pat to explain:

Pat Williams on facing Cowboys: "They’ve got to come to this hood. They’ve got to come to Zygihood."

He continues:

Williams: "You’ve got Jerry World down there. We’ve got our old stadium in the hood down here. That’s all we got down here is Zygihood."

And Shiancoe chimes in:

Shiancoe: "They’re coming to the hood. This ain’t all that high tech [stuff]. They’re coming to an old school stadium. Old-school Vikings."

Excellent. I love the swagger coming from these guys, especially considering that the Cowboys enter this game as the undisputed trendy pick. The "Team You Don't Want To Play Right Now," if you will.

But let's hear some confidence from our guys, for goodness sake. They're undefeated at home. The Cowboys will be playing in an unbelievably hostile environment. They don't call it the Zygihood for nothing.