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Breaking News: Vikings Forfeit Playoff Game

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Paul Glynn has the scoop on this breaking story over at the Strib:

Looking relieved, Brad Childress took the podium.  "We all know why we're here today, so let's get right to it," Childress said.  "After listening to the expert analysis provided by ESPN, Fox, NBC, the View, and anyone else I may have forgotten, the Minnesota Vikings will forfeit this year's divisional playoff game to the Dallas Cowboys.  If this year's playoffs have proven anything, it's that those guys are never wrong.  So, in a stream of consciousness, it came to me: forfeit is the only logical answer."

I have to think this was the right move for Childress. We know that the experts always get it right, so even showing up at the Metrodome would be a waste of a perfectly good afternoon that could be used for ice fishing or something like that. Of course, critics of the move might point to the fact that the Vikings inked Brett Favre for this very moment, to give them veteran leadership in the playoffs. But ESPN's Matt Mosley notes this:

The Cowboys' plan is to make sure Favre has to test those 40-year-old legs. The last time he saw this defense, he completed 5 of 14 passes and was intercepted twice before being knocked out of the game at Texas Stadium. He was of course with a 10-1 Packers team at the time in '07.

See? Might as well not even play the game.