Ref assigned to our game: Biased against Vikings / Home Team?

Hey Vikings Fans!

Can't wait for the Vikes to take down the 'Boys this weekend. Forgive the concern-trolling, but I was just wondering if you thought this article is a concern:

The Cowboys haven't even boarded the plane yet for their NFC semifinal game with the Minnesota Vikings this weekend but already have caught a huge break. A league source said the NFL has assigned the officiating crew of Walt Anderson to work the game between the Cowboys and Vikings.

The Anderson crew was the only one of the league's 17 officiating crews to assess 200 penalties this season. It also led the league with its 1,794 penalty yards, 172 more than the No. 2 crew. That should alarm the Cowboys, one of the league's most penalized teams this season.

But it's even more alarming to the Vikings. Anderson's crew was harder on home teams than any officiating crew this season. It assessed 113 penalties for a staggering 1,029 yards on home teams.

As a means of comparison, the Cowboys drew the Ed Hochuli crew for its opening-round playoff game last weekend. Working the same number of games (15) during the regular season, the Hochuli crew called 22 fewer penalties for 317 fewer yards against home teams than Anderson.
Anderson's crew assessed 10 or more penalties against six teams this season. Five of them were home teams. He also assessed 100 or more yards in penalties against five teams. Four of them were home teams.

Anderson worked one game apiece involving the Cowboys and Vikings this the season. In the Minnesota-Detroit game at Minneapolis, Anderson assessed 13 penalties for 91 yards against the Vikings. His crew penalized Detroit only four times for 40 yards. [MY NOTE: This was the game of the Ray Edwards' huge hit that was BS called a penalty for "launching" himself] In the Cowboys-Broncos game at Denver, Anderson penalized the Broncos 10 times for 81 yards. He penalized the Cowboys seven times for 70 yards.

In the Baltimore-Green Bay game in December, Anderson walked off an NFL season-high 310 yards in penalties. He was hard on the road Ravens, assessing 12 penalties for 135 yards. But he was even harder on the home Packers, assessing 11 penalties for 175 yards.

What do you guys think? Is the NFL screwing us with this Walt Anderson guy? SKOL!

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