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Frazier Stays Silent on Coaching Interviews

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Couple more bullet points for a way-too-long week:

  • Don't expect Leslie Frazier to comment on his coaching future while the Vikings are still around in the playoffs: "There will be a time to talk about what happened a week ago, but I don't necessarily know that this is maybe the most appropriate time. But there will be a time." [Associated Press]
  • Frazier has interviewed for head coaching positions with the Seahawks and Bills, and while he was simply a Rooney Rule guy for Seattle, there has been a general feeling that Frazier is well-positioned for the Bills job. However, Mike Florio suggests otherwise, as a league source tells him that the Bills are looking for an offensive specialist to become their next head coach. [Pro Football Talk]
  • Visanthe Shiancoe -- or vshiancoe as those of us on Twitter know him -- won the Korey Stringer Good Guy Award from the Twin Cities media for his accessibility to reporters and giving them good stuff for the morning papers. Such as the quadratic formula (hit the link). [Access Vikings]
  • Favre: "Honestly, I see us sitting here next week having this press conference again. If that doesn't happen, to me it will be a shock." Dallas safety Gerald Sensabaugh: "We'd have to beat ourselves to lose. The way we're playing right now, I don't think we can be beat.'' [Pro Football Talk]
  • As noted in the FanPosts, Mike Tice is interviewing with the Bears for an offensive coaching position. The Lovable Lug back in the NFC North? Yes, please. []
  • The FanPosts have also noted that the officiating crew for Vikings-Cowboys is a penalty-happy bunch. Walt Anderson's officiating crew flagged the Vikings for 13 penalties in a game earlier this season, and no other crew assessed 200 penalties this season. [Access Vikings]