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Cowboys/Vikings Third Quarter Thread

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The Vikings have really turned it on in the second quarter, and as a result they sit 30 minutes from a trip to New Orleans, as they lead the Dallas Cowboys 17-3 at halftime.

The Vikings' first TD, as mentioned, was a 47-yard bomb to Sidney Rice to get things started.  After the Cowboys answered with a field goal, Favre found Rice again, this time from 16 yards out.  Add in another Ryan Longwell field goal. . .because that's what Ryan Longwell does. . .and that gives you your 17-3 score.

Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo has fumbled three times, losing two, and Ray Edwards. . .you know, the other defensive end. . .has notched THREE sacks in the first half of play.

Minnesota gets the ball first coming out of the locker room.  Let's see if they can extend the lead.

And the guys on Fox just gave us this stat. . .

The Dallas Cowboys have been in the NFL since 1960. . .in all those years, they've come back from being down 14 points or more at the half to win. . .exactly one time.

Let's hope history holds up.