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Minnesota Vikings Ruin Super Bowl for Almost Everyone In America; Dominate Cowboys 34-3

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All the Vikings and their fans heard all week, whether it was from the national media or message board trolls or wherever else, was that the Dallas Cowboys were the "hottest team in the NFC."

Correction. . .they WERE the hottest team in the NFC. Until they ran into a significantly better football team. That team being the Minnesota Vikings.

Leading up to the game, Cowboys' safety Gerald Sensabaugh. . .whoever he is. . .declared that the only way the Cowboys could lose would be to beat themselves. Well, if that was the case, the Cowboys were more self-abusive than a group of emo kids that just spotted a "Going Out of Business" sign at the front of their local Hot Topic right after hearing that Dashboard Confessional was breaking up.

I expect the yapping from the more southern climes to be significantly more quiet than it was throughout this week. Use this thread for post-game discussion and any discussion of the Jets-Chargers game that you'd like to have. We'll have plenty more on this in the immediate future.

Oh, and a note to the rest of the national media. . .if you'd like to start telling the New Orleans Saints that they're free and clear to start making hotel reservations in Miami, we'd appreciate it. After all, you all clearly know exactly what you're talking about.

And one last memo to Cowboys' linebacker Keith Brooking. . .if you don't want the Vikings to put up additional points on you, why don't you try stopping them? You know, that thing that your defense didn't do all day long? Yeah. . .seriously, shut up, see if your lame pre-game speech impresses anybody else, and start making tee times at your golf course of choice. You believed your own press clippings, and it came back to bite you.