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Leslie Frazier a Victim of Minnesota's Success? Bills Appear Poised to Go with Gailey

During the bye week that the Minnesota Vikings had in-between their regular season finale and their Divisional playoff game, current Vikings' defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier interviewed for the vacant head coaching position with the Buffalo Bills.  Frazier's interview apparently went very well.  So strong was Frazier's interview with the Bills, from all accounts, that he was considered to be the proverbial leader in the clubhouse to be the Bills' new coach as soon as Minnesota's season ends.  And one would have thought the performance that his defense put on yesterday in their decimation of the Dallas Cowboys would have strengthened his case even more.

Apparently. . .not so much.

Per Pro Football Talk and Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, the Bills appear to be poised to name former Dallas Cowboys and Georgia Tech head coach Chan Gailey as their new coach.  The deal could, apparently, be done as soon as the next 24 to 48 hours.

So, barring something weird happening over the course of the next couple of weeks, it appears that Leslie Frazier will be the defensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings again in 2010.