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Tuesday Night Tidbits

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Evening, all. . .been a pretty busy day over here, to be honest.  Getting caught up on school work and stuff at the ol' day job after a three-day weekend, coupled with the new USAF promotion line numbers coming out today (yours truly officially gets promoted on 1 February) has left me a bit negligent on getting things updated here.  So, let me put a couple of things out there, both about the site and about some football-related stuff as well.

-First off, the football stuff, as the Vikings added another member to the NFC Pro Bowl roster this afternoon with the announcement that cornerback Antonie Winfield has been selected to replace Arizona's Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, who was injured in the Cardinals' playoff loss to the Saints on Saturday.

I won't lie to you, folks. . .I'm as big a Winfield fan as you'll find out there, but I don't think he had a Pro Bowl-caliber season.  He missed almost half the season with his foot injury, and looked really ineffective upon his return (save for the game against the Bengals).  I'm not sure who else the NFC could have sent besides #26, but I would have to think that there was somebody.

-On to non-football matters, as I have to congratulate the good folks that run the site that covers this week's adversaries, the New Orleans SaintsCanal Street Chronicles surpassed the 1 million hit mark in traffic today, a feat they accomplished in about two years as part of the SBNation network.  Their site is by far and away the best resource for Saints information on the internet.  Dave and I are discussing a couple of possible things that we could potentially do as far as coverage of this week's game. . .something beyond the "Five Good Questions" or a chat thing that we normally do.  When we come up with something, I'll certainly let everyone know what it is.

-Also, we're adding another front page writer to the site.  MilCardFan, who you've all seen put up some outstanding FanPosts here over the course of this season (as well as prior to that) has agreed to join Anthony, Eric, and myself as front page writers for The Daily Norseman.  I know you'll all look forward to reading his contributions on the main page as much as you have when seeing them on the right-hand side of the page.  We're going to be looking to add more writers in the future, too, in order to bring you even more great Viking coverage and different perspectives.

And that's basically it for tonight.  We'll run face-first into the football at full speed tomorrow as we build up to the NFC Championship game that everyone has been calling for since mid-October.  Enjoy the rest of your evening, folks!