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Well, I Certainly Didn't See This Coming

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Apologies for my tardiness here, folks. . .it stormed in a big way here on the Gulf Coast last night, and as a result our internet got knocked out just before I was scheduled to call in to the Saints' podcast last night (thanks to everyone that listened in, by the way).  We've only been back up for a few hours, so I'm finally back here.

But when I started looking around for Viking stories, I saw something that I thought was so far-fetched, it might have come from the mouth of Charlie Murphy himself.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, according to the Twitter feed from KMSP-TV, music mega-star and Minneapolis native Prince has written. . .a Vikings' fight song?

Come again?

The song is set to make its debut during the 9 PM newscast this evening on KMSP, so check it out!  I'm sure it will be on YouTube within minutes of being aired.

And then Prince will take everyone inside and make them pancakes.