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Who Decided to Greenlight This Crap?

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I saw this picture over at Canal Street Chronicles, and it infuriated me to the point where I needed to put it up here and say something.

I'm not 100% sure where it came from or who put it out there or who thought this was a good idea (and our Saints blogger didn't say where it came from, other than he received it in an e-mail), but if whoever did so is out there somewhere and can see this, let me clue you in on a little something.

You, sir/ma'am, are an idiot.  An idiot of the highest order.

I thought that mocking the victims of natural disasters was solely the domain of Bear fans.  And to borrow a line from former NFL coach Sam Wyche, we don't live in Chicago. . .we live in Minneapolis.

There are ways to have a good, light-hearted jab at the Saints and their fans. . .the "We Dat" thing that some folks here have adapted as their avatars and that's on shirts that are being sold.  No harm, no foul, nothing like that.  (Because, you know, we dat team gon' beat dem Saints.  We dat!  WE DAT!)

But this is flat out stupid, and I apologize on behalf of Minnesota Viking fans everywhere to the Saints fans out there that have to be subjected to this crap.

Maybe it's because I'm geographically located in a place where there are still traces of the devastation that Hurricane Katrina left behind, and New Orleans is just a short trip down I-10 from here.  But stuff like this makes me physically ill.  It certainly isn't representative of Viking fans everywhere or anything like that, thankfully, and it certainly isn't to be encouraged by anyone out there.

So, if you're responsible for this and you're out there reading this post, seriously, you need to grow up.