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NFC Championship Game Third Quarter Thread

The Saints got even during the second quarter of play, drawing even on a 9-yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees to Devery Henderson, Brees' second touchdown pass of the game, to tie things at 14.

Then the defenses took over, and both teams had been exchanging punts.  Both teams committed crucial errors, however, towards the end of the half.  Reggie Bush failed to call a fair catch on a punt by Chris Kluwe, and muffed a punt that the Vikings recovered at the New Orleans 10.  Two plays after that, however, a botched exchange between Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson made its way to the turf and was recovered by the Saints.  The time expired for the half with the teams tied at 14.

We've got a brand new game to start the second half, folks.  In thirty minutes of game time, we'll either be on our way to Miami, or on our way home for the year.

Come on in for all the action, and no swearing from this point out, or the ban hammer will stop dropping.