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The Best Of The Daily Norseman...So, The Weather Forecast for Tomorrow

Edit:  We've been kicking around what to do with the lockout.  As a staff, we're tired of talking about the stadium and the labor issues, so what we're going to do is open up the archives of DN and put some of our better posts back on the front page.  What constitutes a 'best of' post?  That's for each staff member to figure out.  We'll even open up the comments again, so you can mock us for our ridiculous predictions or statements...because at least in my case, I've made far too many of them.

Anyway, we'll do this periodically throughout the summer, at least until there's football to talk about.  And don't worry, we'll stay on top of the stadium and labor issues as they occur.

This was one of my first posts as a front page guy, and it originally appeared on Jan 24th, 2010, a couple hours after the Vikings lost the NFC Championship game in New Orleans.  I don't know why, but this struck a chord with a lot of people, and I received a lot of email from guys wanting to tell me about their Dad and the Vikings. 

--Hope you enjoy, Ted 

Is partly sunny, with a few clouds, and a chance of snow.  When I wake up tomorrow morning for work, I'm pretty sure my wife and kids will still love me, I know my dog will, and I even think my Mom will.  Hell, I know she will.  She's my Mom, she has to, she has no choice. 

Is this how I envisoned the season to end?  No, no it is most definitely not.  This was the last, best chance that Minnesota had to win the Super Bowl before my Dad leaves me.  He might hang around a few more years; I hope he's here 10 or 20 more years, but that's not the point.  He won't be.  He knows it, and I know it.  And we both knew, that once Favre signed, we were all in for this season, and our fortunes rode as far as the magical arm of #4 would take us.

Well, he took us a helluva long way.  More than if he hadn't played.  That's little consolation now, and I'm sure many of you will question the emotional investment.  I will not.  Maybe it's because I'm numb to what the Vikings do in big games because my heartbreak goes back to the Nixon administration, but truth be told this is FAR from the worst I have felt after a Vikings loss.  It sucks, and please, by all means, focus on the suckitude, because it's what we do.  Other than Browns fans, it's something we excel at better than anyone in the NFL.  And yeah, this sucks, but this isn't even as bad as 1987.  Trust me on this.  1975 and 1998 makes this look like a pre-season game.

Anyways, as I dropped my Dad off at his place tonight, I got him comfortable, put on some polka music for him (if you're not down with the Six Fat Dutchmen, my friend, you're not down) and just...lingered...for a minute or two.  I wanted to cry, and I think he did too, as the realization of what wasn't going to happen started to hit us.  But, as always, he had it figured out long before his ignorant son did.

"Well, son, you can't win them all."

"No Dad, you can't.  But it would be nice to win one."

"It was a helluva run.  I had a great time watching the games with you this year.  Who woulda thought Brett Favre was going to be our quarterback?"

"Who woulda thought, Pop?"

"Give me a hug and go home.  The sun will come out tomorrow.  Might snow a little bit, but we'll live."

"I'm sorry the Vikings didn't win, Dad."

"Son, I know if it was up to you, they would have won the Super Bowl.  Just wasn't meant to be.  Go home, I'll see you tomorrow."

After all these years, Dad still knows best.  On the way home, the song 'Centerfield' by John Fogerty came on.

Yeah, it's a baseball song.  But it's about renewal, hope, and a new season.  Which is really all we have to focus on, now that the Saints are going to the Super Bowl, and not the Vikings.

This hurts, but life goes on.  Longer for some more than others, but it does go on.