Draft Talk!

The season has come to a close. How bout that ride in. I guess thats why they call it sin city. Ha ha ha. BUT, on a serious note; it's that time where we all start throwing in our 'Crazy Fan' ideas on the off-season, start complaining when we don't sign FAs, and think we know who we're taking the draft... So what'll it be boys?

Personally, I think we draft Mt. Cody (Terrence Cody), that superb DT from Alabama. He's a staggering 6-5, 365 pounds. He's basically a young Phat Pat, thats scary cuz of his dread locks. Tho he is a stud, he's not the position I would like to draft for our first pick.

Phat Pat is considering retirement and this is why I think we're going Mt. Cody. Personally I wouldn't mind really really good Corner in this draft. We need one badly. I would also like to get a stud LB. A Clay Mattews would replace leber nicely, plus our LB depth is somewhat 'pathetic.'

OBVIOUSLY, we're probably losing the Silver Fox to retirement this year and there will be 1,000,000 posts on how we should draft Colt McCoy or someother QB with our first pick but... WE WONT! Chilly has to much pride. Plus, who knows, T-Jack could have a solid 17 TD 10 INT season. Hopefully A.P. is ready to carry the Team again (We know he's not ready to carry the ball!) Ha, pun intended.

So, does anyone else think we have a bigger need then DT once Phat Pat retires? I'm calling it now, Mt. Cody to the Vikes.

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