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Fifty Years Ago Today, the Minnesota Vikings Were Born

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Or at least conceived, in any case.

Coming off one of the most exciting seasons in franchise history, the Vikings and its fan base on Thursday celebrate a milestone of professional football in Minnesota. It was on this date – January 28 – in 1960 that Minnesota was granted an expansion NFL franchise at the league owners’ meetings in Miami.


Leading the charge to bring the NFL to Minnesota was the franchise’s founding group - Max Winter, E. William Boyer, H.P. Skoglund, Ole Haugsrud and Bernard H. Ridder, Jr.

The 2010 season will mark the 50th season of football in Minnesota Vikings' history.  I've been watching for half of those seasons, and there are very few things for which I would trade the memories that this team has given me, good or bad.

I'll expound on that sentiment in the near future here.  I just wanted to make sure I recognized the significance of this occasion before the day had passed.