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Vikings Destroy Giants (And Now We Wait)

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Holy cow. That was a massacre. Absolute domination.

Of course, it helped that the Vikings couldn't possibly have faced a more disinterested New York Giants club. I've seen more spirited efforts from teams playing their fourth game of the preseason. As the final score indicates, the Vikings took full advantage of an opponent that quit on this game and this season long before the opening kickoff.

Now we wait. The Vikes did their part, but they obviously need help to capture a first round bye. Today, we're all Cowboys fans -- and I, for one, think Jumbotronicus will get the best of Philadelphia.

As for the game, the Vikings switched course from last Monday by establishing the pass before seeking to pound the ball on the ground. And their pass-first offense was extremely effective: At the half, Brett Favre had 271 passing yards and a trio of touchdowns (one to Visanthe Shiancoe, two others to Sidney Rice), and he finished the game with a few more yards and another touchdown (to Tahi). Percy Harvin got numerous touches through the air, which was a welcome change from previous weeks.

Favre was never sacked and had plenty of time to throw the ball, as the offensive line had their way with the Giants defense. It was truly a dominant performance up front. The Giants had no interest in covering Rice or Shiancoe, and both finished the season with big games.

The game was done long before halftime -- but that didn't stop Chilly from keeping his offensive starters in the game for two additional drives when the second half got underway. An interesting decision on his part, and as a result, the first teamers put up some second half points before the day was done.  Extending the lead to 41-0 after a touchdown and field goal to start the third quarter? I'd call that a good day.

On the defensive side, the Vikings allowed just four New York first downs in the first half, along with 16 rushing yards and 66 passing yards. Eli Manning made a play or two, but he was surrounded by a lackadaisical team and didn't have any help out there. The defense highlighted the afternoon with a couple turnovers -- the first being a Chad Greenway interception (he then fumbled the ball, which was recovered by Ben Leber), and the second being a forced fumble by Jared Allen (who also recovered it). Not a challenging afternoon for this defensive unit.

The only negative I can muster up? Darius Reynaud fumbled a couple of punts -- a factor that was irrelevant in the long run today (the Vikings recovered the ball both times), but this still can't happen in the playoffs.

But seriously, that's all I can come up with. Take a near-perfect performance by the Vikings, throw in Giants players who were already getting their golf clubs out of storage, and this game was a laugher. Never in doubt for 90% of the afternoon. For a Vikings team that was struggling, this is the absolute right way to enter the playoffs.

And now...GO COWBOYS!!!