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And the Vikings' Opponent Next Weekend Is. . .

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Nobody.  Absolutely nobody.  The Vikings have no opponent next weekend because they're the #2 seed in the NFC playoffs and will be taking the weekend off while seeing who their next opponent is going to be.

With the Dallas Cowboys beating the Philadelphia Eagles 24-0 this afternoon, the NFC playoff field is set.

1) New Orleans Saints
2) Minnesota Vikings
3) Dallas Cowboys
4) Arizona Cardinals
5) Green Bay Packers
6) Philadelphia Eagles

So, both Wild Card playoff games will be re-matches of Week 17 games, same locations and all, as the Eagles again go to Dallas to take on the Cowboys, and the Cardinals will again play host to the Packers.

In the AFC, all of the drama comes down to tonight's clash between the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets.  If the Jets win, they get an invite to the post-season party.  If the Bengals win, then the Houston Texans will clinch their first ever playoff appearance.

If you want to discuss the Sunday night game here, feel free.  But there will be no Vikings' game next weekend, which is awesome.  Our team could use the week off.