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Where We Discuss Ideas for the Daily Norseman Online Store

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I briefly mentioned the other day about SBNation moving forward to another stage of development that involves the creation of online stores for each individual site.  Well, here are a couple of examples from a couple of the sites that already have a few things available in their stores.

You can check out all of the available products by clicking here and checking out all of the currently available products.  Only a few sites have them right now, but each site will eventually have its own store.

So, this is the point where I ask you good folks out there for some good, creative ideas for stuff that could potentially go on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and so forth.  I know that shirts with the site logo on them are probably a must (similar to the Baltimore Beatdown shirts above), and I believe that the shirts can have stuff on the front and the back as well.

Some of the things that can't be done, due to intellectual property issues and so forth, is naming a specific team.  For example, we couldn't put something out there that said, "Beat the Lions."  "Beat Detroit," however, would be acceptable.

Now, I know that we have some witty, creative folks out there amongst our readership.  This means that I know we can come up with a lot of great ideas for potential designs and stuff like that.  So, if you want to have at it, here's the place to do it!

We'll be back with more later on today, folks.  Continue enjoying your Sunday until then!