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Gonzo LIVE Tonight!

Good evening, Viking campers.  Since we don't have a whole lot going on over the course of this week. . .and Brad Childress has attempted to make sure we continue that trend by giving the Vikings the entire week off. . .I think I'm going to spend this week getting to all the "decade" stuff that I didn't get around to.  After all. . .that's what bye weeks are for, right?

But in any case, the reason this post is titled as it is is because you have the opportunity to listen to me tonight on another fine local Podcast.  This one comes from the good folks at Blog Talk Radio (future home of Norse Code. . .whenever I get a chance to put it all together), and it's called the Travistalks Weekly Minnesota Sports podcast.  Now, I know it starts a little late for some folks out there. . .hell, 10 PM Central is a little late for me. . .but there's no reason to miss an opportunity to talk to you good folks out there, and Travis has given me such an opportunity this evening.

You can listen to the Podcast starting at 10:00 PM Central time by going to the Travistalks Weekly Minnesota Sports site, or you can listen to it right here through this fancy shmancy Blog Talk Radio player that they provide.  Here's hoping that lots of you listen, and hopefully you'll come back for a nice, relaxing week here at DN.