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And Then There Were Nine!

When the Pro Bowl rosters were first released a week ago, one of the odd things people noticed was that DeSean Jackson made the NFC team as both a wide receiver and a kick returner. Jackson is no doubt deserving at both positions--when you lead the league in yards per catch, score eight touchdowns of 50 or more yards, and lead the league in punt return yardage that will happen. But many people wondered if the NFC would add another player rather than have Jackson take up two roster spots.

We have our answer, and it's wonderful news for Percy Harvin.

As the Star Tribune reported, Harvin became the ninth Viking named to this year's Pro Bowl roster. Jackson will play wide receiver and Harvin will take the kick returner spot.

Our rookie phenom has been a headache for opposing teams all year. (Yes, that pun was intended. You may groan now.) He was 4th in the NFL in kickoff return average and set a new Vikings record for total yards, beating Herschel Walker's old record set in 1990. (No, knowing that Herschel held a Vikings record does not make me feel any better about the trade that helped make Dallas a dynasty in the 90's.)

Again, hopefully Percy will have to miss the Pro Bowl this year because he'll be busy preparing for the Vikings' fifth Super Bowl appearance. For the first time, the Pro Bowl will be held the week before the Super Bowl at the same site as the big game. Either way, congratulations to Percy, and hopefully he'll have a Rookie of the Year Award to add to his Pro Bowl selection soon!