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"Percy Harvin Week" Continues with Rookie of the Year Award

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If this show was still on, Percy would totally win this week.
If this show was still on, Percy would totally win this week.

It has officially become "Percy Harvin Week" here at the Daily Norseman. It's his world and we're all just living in it.

Our quick-draw Fan Posters informed us hours ago, but I just wanted to bring it to the front page. After being named as a late entry to the Pro Bowl Monday night, Harvin has another accolade to add to his first-year resume: 2009 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Percy is the sixth Vikings player to win the award. You may have heard of the other five before: Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss, Sammy White, Chuck Foreman, and Paul Flatley. Pretty decent company, no?

Say what you will about Brad Childress' coaching aptitude, but one thing is pretty indisputable at this point: since Mr. Noodle has been here, the Vikings have owned the draft. Case in point: two Offensive ROY's in three years. I'll admit that I was a bit wary of Minnesota taking him with the 22nd pick in the draft--I really wanted us to draft Hakeem Nicks since I thought he'd be a better fit in our offense. While Nicks had a solid year in New York, there's little doubt thus far that the Vikings front office made a better choice. Harvin racked up 60 receptions, 790 yards receiving, 135 yards rushing, 2,081 total yards, and eight touchdowns in 15 games this year.

If the VH1 show/less-funny "The Soup" ripoff known as "Best Week Ever" was still around (it has been off the air since June), I'm fairly certain that Harvin would win it going away this week. So in the show's absence, allow me to say it:

Congratulations Percy Harvin, you're having the Best Week Ever!

Now go out and add the Lombardi Trophy to your awards and I'll be more than happy to award you the Best Year Ever!