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Leslie Frazier a Hot Property Again

Hey, ladies and gentlemen, good to be back.  Where have I been?  Well, I've spent the better part of this week freaking out over my AF physical fitness test.  Don't get me wrong, I always freak out over the PT test, regardless of what sort of shape I'm in, but in this case I freaked out more because. . .well. . .had I not passed the test, there would have been a good chance of me losing that fancy little promotion that I earned back in the summer.  But, I passed the thing with plenty of room to spare, and it looks like ye olde promotion is on track for 1 February.  Yay me and so forth.

But now, on to the Vikings news.  Yesterday, Anthony reported that current Vikings' defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier was a serious candidate for the newly vacated head coaching job in Buffalo.  Fine, that was to be expected  Now, the Seahawks have fired Jim Mora after one year as the head coach up in Seattle. . .and you'll never guess who they're already seeking permission to speak to about the job.

Well, since you read the title of the article, I suppose you've already guessed after all.  Yes, according to's Kevin Seifert, the Seahawks want to speak to Leslie Frazier.

Ordinarily, coaches can't be interviewed until their team's season officially ends, but the NFL changed the rule a few years back to allow coaches from teams that have a first-round playoff bye to be interviewed during that bye week.  Hence, Frazier is eligible to be interviewed by anybody that wants to talk to him.  He's been mentioned for a few head coaching jobs over the past couple of off-seasons, and was allegedly the runner-up for the St. Louis job that wound up going to former Giants' defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.  It seems pretty likely that, with the Vikings' defense having another successful season, the Vikings will be in the market for a new defensive coordinator in the very near future.