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Sunday in the NFC North

Hey, I have an idea.  I'm sick of talking about Favregate and how the Moss trade was such a bad deal for the VIkings.  But really, if it was such a terrible thing, why would so many people go out of their way...almost to the point of obsessive pan the trade?  But I digress.  Let's talk football.  You know, the game.  On the field. 


Back for a return engagement:  The Superfreak, in Super Bowl, Homeboy. 

There were a lot of interesting developments in the NFC North on Sunday, and if the VIkings can get a win on the road against the New Jersey York Jets tomorrow, they'll be right back in the thick of the NFC North.  Let's take a spin around the block and see what happened in our neck of the woods, shall we? 

Washington 16, Green Bay 13 (OT):  The 2011 starting quarterback for the Minnesota VIkings, aka Donovan McNabb, did something that Aaron Rodgers has never done.  He lead the Redskins on a game winning drive in the last two minutes or overtime to give his team a victory.  That's right, Aaron Rodgers has yet to do that as a Packers QB.  Rodgers, for all his hype, puts up great numbers, but when it's crunch time, he doesn't get it done.  Call me a homer, call me misguided, call me a guy that can bring anorexia nervosa to it's knees, whatever.  But until he can put a team on his shoulders and will them to a win, he...isn't...elite.  Period.  Matthew Stafford has more game winning drives than Rodgers does.  Green Bay also suffered several more key injuries, and they are starting to take on the feel of the 1st Minnesota Regiment after the Wheatfield at Gettysburg (look it up, learn something).  Rodgers (concussion), Clay Matthews (overworked athlete syndrome hamstring), Ryan Pickett (ankle), and Jermichael Finley (knee) all showed up on the post game injury report.  


I don't know why, but I love this picture.

Detroit 44, St. Louis 6:  Wow, Detroit looked good.  I'm telling you, this is a sleeping giant that is about to awaken.  They were jobbed by the refs in week 1 or they could be 2-3, and right in the thick of it.  They absolutely whipped a much improved Rams squad in every facet of the game, and coasted to an easy win.  I still think they're a year off, but Minnesota is going to have their hands full in Detroit at the end of the year. 


Yeah, I think he's going to be good.  Very good.

Chicago 23, Carolina 6:  As I was watching this game, I honest to God thought that Carolina is maybe the 5th or 6th best team in professional football.  Granted, I'm talking about the UFL, but they'd be pretty damn competitive in that league.  How bad is Carolina?  Well, Todd Collins was 6/16 for 32 yards, no TD's, 4 picks, and a QB rating of 6.2, which equates to the average IQ of most Bears fans (I kid, I kid). 

Todd Collins was the starting quarterback for the Bears.  And they won by a comfortable margin.



Worst.  Quarterback.  Ever.  Next to Jimmy Clausen, of course.

Holy Jeebus is Jimmy Clausen terrible trrbl, just trrbl.  And if I was a sports psychologist, I'd be making a freaking fortune off of Matt Moore right now.  I mean, after watching Clausen swim around in a Olympic sized swimming pool of suck for three hours, realizing that he can't beat out Jimmy Clausen for a starting gig, his psyche must be to the point where he's ready to open a vein.  Of course, the first thing I'd do to build him back up is throw in last year's game against the VIkings, but yeah, uh, I'd still make a lot of money.

What did Sunday show us?  Well, it showed us that the alleged Emperor that is Green Bay has no clothes, or healthy players.  They're an eminently beatable team, especially with all the injuries they're dealing with.  If Jay Cutler is out for any length of time, the Bears are in deep trouble.  Unless they play a UFL team every week.  ANd let's face it, as soon as Jay Cutler comes back, Mike Martz will start throwing 65 times a game, and the Bears will come back down to earth.

Minnesota has to take care of their own business, which begins tomorrow.  But hands down, they have the most talent in this division, and if they can play up to their capability, which should no longer be a problem with Randy Moss back on the VIkings, Minnesota is a thoroughly dangerous team.