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We Can Officially Declare "Operation Break Brett" A Failure

Just a quick thing that sort of crossed my mind here. . .

Prior to the Minnesota Vikings' season opener this year, much was made about the incredible strategy that, apparently, if you hit Brett Favre a lot of times, he gets rattled. There was also much ado about Favre's streak coming to an end this year, since he's apparently really brittle now after having started over 300 consecutive games.

Well. . .here are the NFC North quarterbacks that started in Week One of this season.

Minnesota - Brett Favre
Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers
Chicago - Jay Cutler
Detroit - Matthew Stafford

And, you know. . .depending on how the NFL's concussion rules treat a couple of those guys, it's entirely possible that the only NFC North quarterback that started in Week One that will also start in Week Six is. . .

Brett Favre.

So much for "Operation Break Brett," huh?